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We have a long established track record of supplying Commercial EPCs in and around Newham. EU legislation requires all domestic and commercial properties in Newham and across the UK to have an EPC in place before the premises is sold or let. To comply with the legislation, your EPC survey must be booked in with a certified provider before the commencement of marketing of your property.

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All non-domestic buildings on construction, sale and rent will require a Commercial EPC...

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All domestic buildings for sale and rent will require a Commercial EPC...

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EPC Newham has been providing Commercial EPCs in Newham since they were first required in 2008. Our team of highly dedicated and professional energy assessors are on hand to answer all your queries and to provide you with your Commercial EPC in Newham in an efficient and timely manner. Our years of industry experience puts us in an excellent position to provide advice and support for all your Commercial requirements. We quote for each premises individually, ensuring we can provide your Commercial Energy Performance Certificate for the lowest possible price, whilst maintaining the highest quality standards.

Commercial EPC Newham, Our Core Values:

  • Great customer service.
  • Free impartial advice.
  • Full after sales support.
  • Highly competitive pricing.
  • Flexible booking system.

We pride ourselves in our dedication to satisfying our clients every need. We have a large portfolio of fulfilling the needs of our clients, who return to us time and again to provide their Newham Commercial EPCs.

We are more than happy to give free advice and support on any matter relating to Energy Performance Certificates. To take us up on this or to request a quote, either give us a call on 020 8166 5699 or fill in our [contact form...] today. We look forward to under taking your commerical EPC anywhere in Newham.

The layout and construction of commercial property in Newham varies widely - for the purposes of the EPC, buildings are bracketed into 3 levels of complexity more info...The assessor producing the certificate must be qualified to the relevant level. EPC Newham's team of highly skilled energy assessors have the relevant qualifications to produce Commercial Energy Performance Certificates for any type of non domestic property in any Newham postcode.

Advice is always free at Commercial EPC Newham for Agents, Solicitors, Business Owners or Premises Occupiers we are here to provide advice on Commercial EPCs, level 3, 4 and 5 as well as domestic EPCs.

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ESOS Newham

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) Newham

ESOS is mandatory for organisations in the UK that fit any one of the following qualification criteria:

a) If your company has 250 or more employees (Individual head count not full time equivalents) or;

b) If your company has a:

i. Turnover of more than €50 million (approximately £38,937,777) or;

ii. Balance Sheet of more than €43 million (approximately £33,486,489)

Organisations must register their ESOS with the Environment Agency by 5th December 2015 to comply with their ESOS obligations.

Easy EPC has developed a light touch audit approach that meets all relevant legislative requirements at a highly competitive price. When did you last have an independent report to help demystify what consumes the energy in your organisation?

The Environment Agency is the UK scheme administrator. Organisations that qualify for ESOS must carry out ESOS assessments every 4 years. This assessment is a audit of the energy used by a companies buildings, operational processes & transport network.

Our ESOS service is specifically designed to demonstrate how you can maximise savings on your energy bills for the minimum up front cost. A well executed ESOS report represents excellent value for money, giving you an invaluable tool to help guide management and investment decisions.

For more information please call our dedicated support team on 020 8166 5699 or alternatively contact our Lead Assessor Chris Proctor directly on 07983 342 340 for an informal chat.

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DEC Newham

Display Energy Certificate Newham

All buildings over 250m2 that are visited by the public are legally required to have a Display Energy Certificate and to have it on show at all times. The Display Energy Certificate uses actual energy bill data to give a property an energy performance rating on an A to G scale, comparing a building's performance to that of other buildings with the same usage across the UK.

We have been producing DECs since they first came into existence in 2008. Our years of experience enable us to provide certification in an accurate, fast and efficient manner, and lets us maintain our position as one of the most competitively priced companies in the industry.

As well as providing you with an energy performance rating, a DEC also comes with an advice report specifically tailored to your building. If done properly then this is a valuable tool, enabling you to better understand where energy savings can be made, allowing you to reduce your overheads and increase your profits.

Our highly experienced team of DEC assessors have worked with thousands buildings of all sizes and levels of complexity. We are perfectly placed to help you identify where energy savings can be made, from identifying low cost and no cost measures to helping you plan for major infrastructure projects such as renewables installations.

We pride ourselves on providing a first class service for a highly competitive price, helping our clients save energy and drive down overheads.

Call us today to find out more or for a highly competitive quote.

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Asbestos Surveys Newham

Asbestos Reports Newham

Our UKAS accredited team of asbestos surveyors are highly experienced in undertaking both domestic and commercial surveys on properties and projects of any scale. We provide accurate and detailed asbestos reports to our clients with a quick turnaround, whilst ensuring we are one of the most competitively priced companies in the industry.

It is a legal requirement for all non domestic properties constructed prior to 2000 to have an asbestos survey in place at all times. In cases where a non domestic property has been found to contain asbestos then the report will contain an action plan that must be followed, also in these cases regular re-inspection will be required. For domestic properties there is currently no legal requirement to carry out an asbestos survey, however in our experience building surveyors often incorrectly presume suspect building materials contain asbestos, leading to devaluation of your property. By having a professional asbestos survey carried out you can mitigate against this risk, and identify and remediate against any issues before they become a problem.

There are a variety of different types or asbestos survey, which vary in complexity depending on the type of building being surveyed. Our team of experts is on hand to provide you with detailed guidance as to exactly what your asbestos reporting compliance obligations are, and to help you identify the most suitable and cost effective survey solution for your property.

Contact us today to for more detailed information, and to recieve a highly competitive quote for your asbestos survey.

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